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MecaGratis 4.0 is a free online Typing course with didactic videos.

The new version of 2017 improves methodologically by incorporating an interactive keyboard on screen and more exercises with text fragments to practice when you have already learned to type all the signs.

The goal is to learn to type without looking at the computer keyboard. The course is composed of 100 lessons, it starts with the home row and gradually, are joining the rest of letters, numbers and signs. After reading the text of the lesson and attend to the explanation of the video, you must perform an exercise, if you reach goals you will advance to the next exercise, otherwise you must repeat it. The program will allow you to err, it will not interrupt or hinder you , so you will know wich keys you need to improve. At the end, it will display a comment or indications for progress in learning. If you register (for free) your scores will be recorded, it will facilitate you to retake the course on successive days or sessions where you left off and you can also display a scores report of the exercises that you have passed.

Press the F11 key to view full screen. Click course options in the left column.

Available versions:

  • British English, UK keyboard.
  • American English, U.S. keyboard.
  • Spanish-Spain keyboard.
  • Latin American, Spanish-Latin American keyboard.
  • Italian keyboard.
  • Spanish-Spain keyboard in Catalan.
  • French-France AZERTY keyboard.
British English keyboard

British English, UK keyboard


American English keyboard

American English, U.S. keyboard


Spanish-Spain keyboard

Spanish-Spain keyboard


Latin American keyboard

Latin American, Spanish-Latin American keyboard


Italian keyboard

Italian keyboard


French-France AZERTY keyboard

French-France AZERTY keyboard


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