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Keyboards: Lessons:

Lesson 1

Hands and fingers placement on the keyboard

Watch the video to learn how to place the hands and each finger properly on the keyboard.


Left hand: Right hand:
- pinky.........A- pinky.........;
- ring...........S- ring...........L
- middle........D- middle........K
- index.........F- index.........J
The thumbs: on space bar.

Place your fingers gently touching the keys.

Look at the screen, not keyboard.

Do not delete mistakes: double penalize accuracy for the same mistake.

Each exercise must achieve 95% accuracy and 40 keystrokes per minute.


Proposed text:
Your text:


Brute Speed Accuracy Net Speed
k.p.m. % k.p.m.

You must be a registered student and you have to be logged in to have your results recorded. The result of each exercise will be recorded if reaches the goals of speed and accuracy.

if (screen.width<479){document.write("


  • Brute Speed: keystrokes per minute (kpm).
  • Net Speed: correct keystrokes per minute (kpm).
  • Accuracy: percentage of correct keystrokes (%).
  • Net Speed Goal: 40 kpm.
  • Accuracy Goal: 95%. Cursos e programas de Dactilografia on-line e em CD.